Animecon IV - Briefly in English

Finland's fourth Animecon event, Animecon IV will be held at Helsinki Congress Paasitorni on August 18-20th 2006. The event is organized by Animeunioni, The Finnish Anime Union, a communications forum for joint operations among several anime clubs and other related organisations. Animecon IV is arranged together with Finncon 2006, Finland's largest science fiction and fantasy event.

A majority of the programmes will be held in Finnish language. This page will contain information in brief about the various programmes and schedules, as well as more detailed information on English language programmes and our foreign guests. We will gladly answer any further questions via e-mail or telephone.


Paul Gravett
Our guest of honor, Paul Gravett, is a London-based freelance journalist curator, lecturer, writer and broadcaster, who has worked in comics publishing and promotion for over twenty years.

Mr. Gravett's programmes at Animecon IV will be in English language. Exact program times are yet to be confirmed.

Paul Gravett will be accompanied by Peter Stanbury, who worked as a designer for Mr. Gravett's book Manga: Sixty Years of Japanese Comics.

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Contact information

Kyuu Eturautti
Telephone number: +358 50 5950047

Main organizer
Topi Toosi

IRC #animecon @ - also via web browser access.


Other events

In addition to Animecon, several other anime events are organised in Finland during the year 2006.

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